Yesterday's our date...☆

\ Hello /

Hello,my readers!!;-)

Last Sunday, I met my darling!!<3
We haven't met since last Sunday Wednesday.

You think it's short?? Aww~ I felt sooooo long!!!(;_;)
I wish we could meet everyday,however,in fact,I'm really happy only I met him!!!XD lololol

The day,we went to a "Family Book" to rent a DVD we'll watch at his home.
Finally,we rented "●REC". It's horror movie!!:O

Do you know??

After that,we bought some doughnuts at Mister Doughnut and we went to his home!:D

First,we started to prepare our lunch!!
We cooked them:

 (Actually,I don't know what does this say in English;-( )

 (This contains lettuces,cucumbers,tomatos and shrimp)

Do you know this?
My darling said this is Spanish cuisine. 

It's so easy for us to cook them though he started to practice cooking and I usually cook only confectioneries!:P lolol

And them,we watched "●REC".
For me,it's a little fearful film.>---<

And I show the day's coord!!<33
The day's outfit was so simple,isn't it??^^ lol

Tops:RELASHE,a ce moment
Botoms:Dig Deep
Shoes:??? (Sorry,I don't know.)

※Aww~,I forgot taking photo about my outer on the day.Sorry~:'-(

And my hair.

Uh~ I used only hair iron.^^;
I wanna make my hair cute~:'-((( I'll practiceharder!>---<

Okay,that's all!!

My darling made my day!!<33333
Thank you,darling!!!XD

I wish we can meet soooooon!!!!!

Thank you for reading!!!<333



Cuuuuute letter from Sui Princess...☆

Hey,my dear readers!!:D

Sorry,I'm late for the post--I was busy recently:'-(
I'll tell you about the reason later!
I can't tell you now... Sorry~!!!(;_;)

Guess what! I have some great news!!^---^

Yeahhhhh,I received the letter from Sui Princess in Germany on last Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!XD

Here!! Look this!;-)

I'm soooooooo happy for getting her letter!!!
I love her!! I respect her hime gyaru style!!<33333

I think she is real gyaru!!^^

And I was very very surprised at the unexpected present!!!!!
She have enclosed a purikura,her photo with autograph,pretty tisues and hair accessory!!
How cuuuuuuuute they are!!!XD

Danke schon,Sui-chan!!
Ich liebe Sui!!!!!(^3^)-<33333

I'm looking forward to meet her in April!!
I must save money~~~!!!:O lololol

By the way,I'll take a exam of TOEIC!;-)

I study for it every day~! Have you taken it??:D
Actually,It'll be an entirely new experience for me,so I may be nervous!^^; lolol

Okay,that's all of this article.
Tomorrow,I'll meet my darling!!XD nyaaa~

Thank you for reading and comment!!;)
I love you<333

\ Bye-Bye~<3 /

P.S. "Bye-Bye" means "さようなら(sayounara)" or "またね(matane)" in Japanese!:P
You have already known?? lolol



My birthday...☆

Thank you for visiting my blog;)

Today is my 18th birthday!!

I spent soooo happy day!!XD

My birthday cake from my uncle & aunt!

This picture on cake resembles me??:D Tehehe
They ordered a patissier to draw my picture^^♪

(Actually,I ate it yesterday because the cake shop close a store temporarily today)

Today is school day,so my friend,Yuri,gave me some confectioneries!!XD
I like them so much!!!<333

Thank you,Yuri~:P

And I met my darling after school~^^!

My birthday oh last year,we couldn't meet up:'-((
So I jummped for joy when I knew we can meet!!XD

He also gave me some present!!>---<

1.Cushion or pillow and room socks
(In fact,he and me don't know what is it shaped like a black cat^^;)

This one is soft to the touch!!
I love it!<3

2.Power stone

This is a ornament??:)
Very cute!! I'll handle it carefully.

3.Room wear with leopard pattern

I didn't have cute room wear like this!XD
I wanna put on it everyday!:D haha
But I must wash it occasionally~(;_;)

I love it very much!!!<3<3<3
Possibly,I'll post my photo with wearring it!;-)

Moreover,I have received so many congratulations at e-mail and web!!XD
I'm soooo glad for it!!!

Thank you for reading!!<3
I love you;-)))

Lots of love,




On ordinary days,I go to school,so I don't have my news~(;_;)Oh!

But I try to write my post as hard as I can!(`・ω・´)

I went shopping after school today because my school was over at noon.
Actually,I was planning to buy some language book and something else:)

However,There were no books I wanted!!:'-(((
Too bad!!!!!
I'll go to a big bookstore because the bookstore I dropped by is a little small...

But I got a mirror!;)

This is


This is hard item?? For me,this looks soooo nice!!XD
I love hard items like this!

I often put on punk coordinate few years ago~:P haha
But my darling don't like hard coord,especially choker!:-<

I wanna make me girly in front of my darling!!>---<
Is it strange?(´・ω・`)Uh~

Well,I put on a little rock coordinate occasionally~ haha

Yeahhh,I'll go on to the main subject!(^^;) tehehe

I show you my nail!!<3

①A leopard nail
(I bought these about 1week ago)

How do you think?:)))

I'm going to use this on my girly coord!<3

I can say it definitely that you are surprised at my report!!!
That's why these nail set was only ¥100!!!!:O
This is sooooooo cheap items but it is sooo cuuuute!!XD

I think I got a good deal!!^^
I was satisfied with my purchases;P hahaha


②A black nail
(I made it few years ago. lol)

This is my first nail I made!!:-)))
Aww~ I think it is very nice for first creature^^♪

I hope you will like it!:3

In this year,I wanna try to make many nails!
Uh... I can't make my nail decoration because I'll be a student of the science of nursing~:-(

So I'll enjoy 付け爪(thukedume)!:D
(I'm sorry I don't know what is the English for Japanese word "thukedume",so please tell me if you know...:'-(  )

Thank you for reading my blog everytime!

(See you again and Good night!)

Kisses & Hugs,


01/09 Date~part2~

Hi,my readers!(^^)/

I continue to write the rest of last post:3
Yeah,about my purchases;D


You know what is this??
I got it in the Sanrio shop!!XD

Yes,this is a diary & schedule book❤❤

How cuuuuute this stuff is!!XD

Actually,I love My Melody so much!!!

Uh,do you know My Melody?:)She is a one of Sanrio characters.
And to my joy,she and I were born on same day,01/18!!:D The day is coming soon!!XD

Ooh~,I have drifted away from the subject.(^^;)

I'll write down my memories on it!❤
I think memory in my heart is the treasure of my life.


Look at this!:)

Can you see it? In fact,you are hard to see??^^; Sorry~
This is tutu!:D This color is beige.

This is one of my purchases on my date!

I had already have black one,but I bought it because I love tutu very much!!❤
I'll coordinate this and rock stuff or cute stuff!!:3

I promise that I show my coordinate for you when I make my style!<3<3 Next!!;P

You can see this clearly,can't you?:D haha
Yes,this is a knit dress in black!

I think this is sooo cute and sexy!<3<3 I fell in love with this at first sight!!!!!! I'll also show this dress coordinate;-) Okaaay,this is all!:D Thank you for reading!;>

If you wanna know about anything or ask me,please write a comment!!:P
For example,how to make,fashion,my stuff,and so on!:3

Lots of love,


01/09 Date~part1~

All of my readers!

I'm so happy that the number of readers of my blog increase recently!!
Thank you soooo much!XD
Please tell me if I forget to follow you~:'(

Okay,My darling and I went to shopping yesterday!:D
We could spend very very gooood time!!❤❤❤

I'll tell you about the day!:3

Oh! But first I show you my new cosmetics!!:D

♡DollyWink No.1

♡DollyWink No.5

♡DollyWink liquid eyeliner

I think these are so good to make up nutural eyes!:D

I bought these items for date!!XD
That's why I wanna make me more cute and pretty everyday! Especially with darling!!\(//∇//)\
So I tried on new eyemake:3

You can see the effective!:)
Here you are!!

Darling and me~❤❤

Are we sweet?(@_@;)Ahaha

※I don't get a permit,so I can't show you my darling' face:'-((
I'm sorry~~~(;_;)

Finally,I show the day' fashion!:D

Socks:Koakuma Ageha
Boots:Shoe Mart
Pierced earrings:??? ( Sorry,I forgot it(^^;) )
Neckles:Present from darling❤

I love rock code like so much!!XD
However,I'll try on Himegyaru code like Himena & Sui chan!:3

And I show my purchases for you on next post~^^;

Thank you for reading every time‼꒰ ૢ●௰ ૢ●✩꒱



My respect person...☆

Hello,my readers!:D

I'm sorry my blog's post was late:'-(

My school began on today:3

But I'll graduate from high school on March 1st!!
Moreover,My school(it's only our grade) closes for home study from February 11th to 29th,so my high school life is veryyyy shorrrt(@_@)!!wow

I hope we enjoy the remaining of my school life!:3

And I tell you my god!!XD

For me,god means a person I have the greatest respect:-))

The person is...

桜井莉菜(Rina Sakurai)❤❤❤

Do you know her??

She is Japanese fashion model!
Her fashion magazine is 小悪魔ageha(Koakuma ageha),I introduced at the latest post;D

She is sooo soooo cuuuuute!!XD

I'm always impressed by her sence and code!!
Her styles are so many,for example,rock code,fairy code,and so on!!!

She also produce eyelashes!:)) They are "fairy lash"
I'll review it on maybe next time!^^

This photo is at my phone;-)

I try to be like her now and future!!:3

This person is my lover,too!=]

Her name is ラムちゃん(Ramu chan)❤❤❤

She is one of heroine in Japanese manga:3

Her anime is うる星やつら(Uruseiyatsura).

Do you have already known?:)
I love this manga so much!!

The author wrote it also created 犬夜叉(Inuyasha) and らんま1/2(Ranma1/2) and...
Ohh! I forgot to tell the author name for you(^^;;

Her name is 高橋留美子(Rumiko Takahashi)!;D
She is one of famous manga creater(^ω^)

Please search on your PC if you feel incluned to know about her or her manga!XD
I think you'll be moved by them!!

Finally,I show you a picture I drew Ramu chan.

I should make a effort to draw a picture well:3 Hehe

Japan is midnight and I'm going to take a exam tomorrow!!(@_@)

Good night,my readers!
おやすみなさい♪( ´▽`)

Thank you for reading,every time^^

Lots of love,


Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year,my reader!!

In Japan,2012 already come!:3
I wish you'll have a gooooood year:D

I think this year is very fresh and exciting for me!XD
I'll be a university student in April:3

I wanna be a nurse in the future,so I'm going to major in nursing science:-))
A nurse is called an angel of white robe in Japan:D Hehehe

However,I don't only have a longing for a nurse but also gyaru:3
Even If I'm any old,I want to become a really gyaru!^^

I have so many curiosity now,for example,Hime-K,Visual-K,Agejo-K,and so on;)))

And I'll try on soo much make!!:->

I wish this year will be soo soo happyyyyy!:D

Thank you for reading!!:3