My Hallo Weeeeeeeeeen Day...☆

This Japanese is a one of general greetings in JP.:D
The same thing as "Hello~!".^^
In this post,I'll write about wht happend on 31.10.12,but I answer the question I took out b4 that.;-)
As u know,I asked "what color of the wallet I bought?".
The answer~~~~~~
Junjun and amalia sinta kurnia,thnxxx 4 commenting<333
I received the black one!:3
I think this makes me elegant.^---^ lol
So,I show you some purikura on Halloween.

With Kaho:3
We we wore the uniform of a high school and I took a purikura.
This halloween day was weeksday,so we couldn't hold the party(;_;)
That's why we had 2 go 2 uni next day.:-(
I think we should have hold the party b4 the day!><
I wanna wear showy costume!!
I absolutely enjoy next halloween!!!
Actually,I graduated a high school last year...;P Tehehe
Well~,till when do u think I can wear this uniform? lolol

How old do u think I am?? 

Finally,I prepare a lunch box 4 my hubby recently.:D
I show oneday's decoration lunch!!

This is made of rice!
This character is one of Takanotsume.
His name is Dr.Reonald.

If u wanna know about this animation,U can find on YOUTUBE!!
My hubby often watch this animation!!xD
Plz request me if u have the article u wanna know and see.(ex.fashion,make up,purikura,japanese culture,and so on)
Good night^^


Internet Shopping...☆

Hey guys(^---^)!!
I'm glaaaad that I can get your comment!!xD
Luv ya!!
Today ,I bought many items via Internet and I'll introduce for you:3
First,I ordered the wallet of TORY BURCH.
I love this brand items.^^
I can see some models on Koakuma ageha(小悪魔ageha) have these.
The wallet!!
I wavered between black color and pink one.
Which color do you think I bought??^---^
I'll answer in next articles;-) Tehe
Next,I bought a lingerie!:D
However there is no reason I bought it in particular.LOL
If It says by force,it's because a lovely lingerie makes a girl more lovely and cutie.:3

This design is very popular,so it was poorly stooked. :O
I wannted the one of cherry pink in fact but I chose the pink one.
↓    ↓    ↓

Pink color
Well,I love pink so much!!xD
Therefore I didn't regret I cant bought the cherry pink one.^^
Finally,I ordered the most important item!!!!
It's ~~~~~~~~~~

Santa Claus's costume
It is sooooooo cute,isn't it??xD
I 'm planning that I'll wear this costume and prepare many special dinner for my dear hubby on X'mas in secret!!;D
Maybe,he is glad certainly!!^-----^
I  wish I can convey my feeling for my darling!!!!<333
Ooh,I forgot to tell you the URL of Internet shop!:O
Actually,I don't know when I can receive these items.LOL
I can't wait for these items!!!xD

Thanxxx 4 readin~<333 CHU



The beautiful world...☆

Hey,my sweeties ;D
I'll write about what happend 03.11.
The day was my special day because I had a date with my hubby!!
I had waited the day xD
That's why my darling is a office worker and I'm a student,so his holiday hardly coincided eith mine(;;)
We went to Aqua world(Ibaraki Perfevtual Oarai Aquarium) by my car :3
Aqua world URL   http://www.aquaworld-oarai.com/
Actually,it took about 2 hours :o
But we enjoyed talking soooo much in my car ^^
Arrived!!!! XD
It's Pacific Ocean.
Soooooooo beautiful !!!

Happy dolphins<3
We prayed we can love until the end of our life...<333 Tehehe

A headfish with my hubby LOL
He looked pleased and kept his eyes a headfish.^---^
He always has a boyish heart. XD
Finally,we went down the stairs and looked out the sea.

I looove the sea because it's sooo misterious.
The sea invite my heart.
I always think I wanna be a mermaid like Ariel.
Do you knou her??
She is one of Disney character^^
She is soooooooooo cute xD
My hubby is shy,so I can't show you our pics.
But I'll post our memory!!:3

with luv,


Summer Vacation...☆

Hiiiiiiiiii,my readers!!!
I'm sorry I didn't post an articles long time (;_;)
I enjoy spendin my school life^^
I should report 4 u:P Tehehe
First,I'm afraid to say I divorced my sweetheart in June.
We loved each other for 2 years... ;;
But I got myself a new boyfriend on July 15th!!!XD
We were in the same grade together in junior high school!!!!
I didn't think I date him when I was junior high school student. :O lolol
He always has my interest at heart.
I looooooove him!!!XD
I'm addicted 2 him(//ω//)Tehe
Next,I show you some pic durin summer vacation;-)
Hanae & me
I died my hair orange:3
Do you like??lol

We took this purikura when we bought new swimwear in Takasaki^^
I got a black one<33


My friends <3
(Su-min,Kaho,Ryuji,Rei(my hubby XD),me,Daisuke,Hanae,Kana)
Can u find me?? lol

We went to Mizuki sea.
The day of weather is cloudy(;;)

Hanae & me Tehehe~<3

Thanks 4 readin & Plz ur comments;-)))
Lots of loooooooooooove,


St.Valentine's recipe...☆

Hi guys!!!

I'm sorry my posting is late.
Don't you think it strange i post article about Valentine's day on today~:-))lolol


I have so many things I wanna say yooou!!
I'll tell you by turns!:D

Please wait more~^^;


Okay,I give you the recipe for truffe<333

I tried writting them hard!^^ lol
Please tell me if you can't understand them~.


・Chocolate bar  120g
・Fresh cream  60cc
・Cocoa-powder or Powdered sugar  a moderate amount

①Pour Fresh cream(60cc) into a pot and heat it until coming to a boil. After water boils,put out a fire.
②Pour Chocolate bar(120g) into the pot and mix slowly with a whisk and dissolve it.
③Pour ②(fresh cream & chocolate) into a vat and cool and make hard it in a refrigerator for 30min.
④Make a ball of them and make hard it in a refrigerator for 30min~1hr.
⑤Decolate with Cocoa-powder or Powdered sugar(a moderate amount).



Sorry,I can't post only this recipe because others is hard for me to write in English(>_<)
I have to study English hard~~~

I'll post the articles I wanna tell you^---^

Thnxxx  my dears~!!<33333
I looooooooove you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lots of love,


My volunteer work...☆

Heyyy,my reader!!:D


Today,the volunteer work I tell you has finished!;)
I'll post the article about this work!!


Uh~,one of my readers,Junjun chan requested the article about recipe for Valentine's sweets on the comment. Thnxxx~<333
I have these recipe I wrote. But it is written by Japanese!!*O*
So I'll write them in English! My English isn't well,however,I try hard for my dear readers!!!(^3^)-☆chu

Please wait~~~(>_<)


Truffe & Snowball Cookies Recipe

 Omulette Riz & Chocolat Framboise Mousse Recipe

Okay,I tell about my voliunteer work!!
As I said before,It began on Feb.13 and finished Feb.24.
I worked only oridinary days:O lol

Oh!! I forgot to tell "The place I worked"!:P Tehehe
Yeahhhh,at an elementary school.
It is the school I graduated before 5?6? years ago!!^---^

During 2weeks,I teached the kids some their studies and played ith them.:-))
For instance,tag,ice-tag,the police&thief,and so on!:D

Children is sooooooo~ adorable!!(≧▽≦)
I wanna have my baby~~~!!XD lololol

The reason I joined this volunteer is "to communicate with many people"
My dream is to be a nurce!! Nurces usually come in contact with so many oatients on the place of work.

As so many men, so many minds,all the patients are each character or indivisuality and have each sick.
Moreover they live in their respective lifestyle.

I think I need to know about companions very well by the daily communication to nurse tenderly.;))
So I wanna raise my skill through this volunteer work.

※Sorry~,I can't show picture about it because it's a privacy~:'-(

And I'll talk with my friend,Sui Princess via Skype on day after tommorow!!XD
I'm a fan of her!!! I'm looking forward to dooooooooo~!!

And on next Monday,I'll meet my darling!!<333
I can't during 2weeks,so I'm very very happyyyyyy!!!!!!!!


Thnxxx 4 readin!!<333
Love you~~~!!!

(Gooooood Night~!<333)

P.S. If you wanna talk with me via Skype,plz tell me ur account on the comment!;)
I'll send e-mail 4 u!!:3 nyaaaa~


Kisses & Hugs,


St.Valentine's Day...☆

Hey,you guys!!:D

Sorry,my post is soooooooo late!!:-(((

As you know,today is St.Valentine's Day!!!!!
In Japan,the day is women give her dears(ex.darling,family or friends,but darling mainly) a present such as chocolate!;-))

Generally speaking,few men give women a present.
The reason is women usually received it on March 14 what is called "White Day".

How did you do today?^^

I was planning some presents for my darling in secret before 1week ago!<333

But I'm sorry we didn't meet today because we are busyyyyyy recently and our schedule is very tight!!!(;_;) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
I felt like crying when I had known it:'-(((

So I prepared many biiiiiiig presents for my hubby!!XD
I met him and gave them on the day before yesterday!:3

These are all of presents I gave!<3<3<3<3<3

Snowball Cookies


 Chocolat Framboise Mousse

I thought the presents are only homemade swwets at first.
However,I wanted to prepare more presents for surprising him as time went by!!:P lol
Moreover,I decided to cook an omlet containing fried rice because I knew he love it!:D

But I forget taking photo...:'-((

And I wrote a special message for him!<333
The content is secret!!;)) Tehehe
But this much is certain. I made an affectionate letter!!<33333

Finally,I show our photo for you!^---^

We ate this at Cocos,Japanese restaurant!!XD
Soooooooo yummy!!!!!

I pray we can have a goooooood time forever and I love my hubby until the end of my life...<3

Oh~,our schedule is full!!!X-(((
How long can't I meet him until next time??:'-(*weep*

I do a volunteer activity at an elementary school from Feb.13-25.
If you hope to see the post about it,I'll post!!:P lol

Thnxxx 4 reading everytime!!<33333

Lots of love,